Want To Make Your Yard Look Like Fall? 2 Landscaping Tips To Help You

Posted on: 12 October 2017

During the spring and summer, you may have had colorful flowers planted in your yard. Now that it is fall, these flowers may already be dead or dying. For the fall months, you should use fall colors, such as oranges, reds, browns, and yellows. This will transform your yard instantly and you can enjoy it until your first frost. Below are two landscaping tips on how you can do this so you can get started.

Use Mums

You likely see mums at any place in your area that sells flowers and this may even include local grocery stores. This is because mums are available in a variety of colors that go well with fall, such as orange, yellow, and brown. Mums are a perennial flower, which means they come back year after year, if you plant them correctly. If you buy a pot of mums during the fall months, however, you generally throw them away after they die.

Mums are in containers so you must water them more frequently than if they were planted in the ground. This is because container flowers lose water quicker. Check the soil daily and when it feels dry give them some water. This will ensure your mums stay healthy throughout the fall season.

You can sit mums on your front porch along with some pumpkins for a fall look. You could also hang mums in baskets on your porch.

Use Hay Bales and Scarecrows

Sit up some hay bales in your front yard along with some scarecrows that you can stand up. Set some pumpkins on the hay bales, along with a few mums that you purchase.

Hay bales are made of straw and hay and come in bundles either in a large round shape or a rectangle shape. For your landscaping, the rectangle shape will work well. These hay bales are much easier for you to pick up when compared to large hay bales that can way hundreds of pounds. Plastic wrap, cords, wire, or rope is used to compress the straw and hay together.  You can purchase hay bales at craft stores, from a local farmer, or online.

You can purchase scarecrows that are on sticks that you can easily push into the hay so they stay secure no matter what the weather is outside. The scarecrows come in a variety of sizes and you can find them at craft stores or at some garden centers.

Talk with a landscaping contractor in your area, such as from Joshua Tree & Landscape Co, if you need help landscaping your yard for fall. They can give you many other ideas of things you can do.