What Are The Benefits Of Using A Surface Wastewater Aerator?

Posted on: 19 June 2023

If you need to buy aerators to clean up your wastewater, then you can install surface or sub-surface systems. While sub-surface aerators have advantages, surface systems have additional benefits you will find useful. What are they?

Better Performance

While sub-surface aeration systems work well, they do have some downsides. For example, these machines sometimes struggle to cope with surfactants on the surface. They are also more likely to allow algae to grow on top of the water.

Surfactants create a barrier between air and water on the surface. Algae can reduce the levels of healthy bacteria in your system.

If a sub-surface system can't break up surfactants, then you won't get a fully-effective transfer of oxygen into your wastewater. It will be harder to clean and process. Algae will reduce the efficacy of healthy bacteria which should help you clean up your water.

Surface systems deal with surfactants more effectively. They keep algae at bay.

These aerators churn the surface of the water as they work. This movement forces bubbles down into the wastewater.

Any surface surfactant will break up during this process so that the bubbles carry as much oxygen as possible into the water. Constant churning prevents algae from taking hold. So, your aeration efficiency increases.

Easier Installation

Sub-surface aerators take some time and work to install. You'll have to mount their sub-surface parts. So, you might need to empty your tank before you can install the system

Surface aerators are faster to put in place. They don't have sub-surface mounts. You simply place an aerator on the surface of your wastewater, secure it, and then connect it to a power supply.

Lower Costs

Sub-surface aeration systems are typically more expensive than surface aerators. Sub-surface systems have more parts, so they cost more to make and purchase.

Plus, these systems have higher installation costs. They are complex to put in place, and you'll have higher labor costs because of the extra time you need to set them up.

Surface aerators are cheaper. They don't have as many complex parts, so their production costs are lower. Plus, you will have negligible installation costs compared to sub-surface models.

You also have lower maintenance and repair costs if you use surface systems. Sub-surface systems have more parts and complex mechanisms. They are more likely to break down or get damaged compared to surface aerators.

To find out more about surface aeration and to get advice on which systems to buy, talk to surface wastewater aerator manufacturers or suppliers.