Establishing A Program For Recycling Cardboard In Your Facility

Posted on: 14 November 2017

Implementing a recycling program to reduce the amount of trash you produce from your business is a good way to be more environmentally friendly, reduce the cost of the trash service you use, and potentially even make some additional income from the scrap. With a little planning and a few changes in the way you do things, you can make recycling work for you and your company very easily.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to consider is the amount of material you will be able to recycle. If you are committing to recycle all of the cardboard that comes into your facility, you need to explore some storage options. Typically, recyclers won't pick up a couple bales a week; they want a truckload to make the trip worth it. How long that takes to accumulate is dependent on what comes in, so setting up an area in your facility where bales can be stacked up is important. Try to make it somewhere out of the general traffic flow, as these bales weigh a lot and could really hurt someone if one fell when someone was in the area.

Educating Employees

If you have been throwing all your cardboard away up until now, teaching your employees to separate it out can be a trying proposition. Some will be resistant to the idea, but if you make them understand why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve through the program, it can help them to understand and get on board with the idea. Getting employees involved in setting things up can help. Let them know that you want their ideas, and then use some of the ideas.

Finding A Buyer

Once you decide you are going to recycle all the cardboard in the facility, you need to find a recycling company. There are many recyclers that will buy cardboard, plastics, and other materials. Talk to them about the costs. In many cases, they will pay you for the cardboard, requiring only that is be baled or packaged the way they need it to be. The payout to you for the material can be quite substantial if you are working with the right company. Cardboard is not the only material you can recycle, but it is the easiest to get started, Once you have this one running, you can introduce additional materials. Most recyclers buy multiple product,s so talk to them about what else you can offer them in the future.

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